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Dimmable work light designed for practicality and ease of use

  • Product Information

    14400DIM is a halogen task light which is designed for industrial and other professional applications. If flexibility is important, the robust flexible arm is durable and can be adjusted to the exact required location. The lamp head is made of impact resistant thermosetting plastic, and produces a well focused spot light.


    The 14400DIM light is often used for the machining industry, production equipment, inspection and for other industrial purposes. The lamp head and flexible arm allow for a wide use in various environments.

  • Specifications:-

    20w halogen bulb 

    500mm arm



  • Customisation

    Buy direct from the manufacturer and open yourself up to a host of different customisation options. If you don’t see the specification you need for your light online, please get in touch with us on 
    01296 395400 
    (8:30am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday)

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