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Celestial Ceiling

Celestial Ceiling


Exceptional flexibility, ceiling mounted for a compact spacesaving design.

  • Product Information

    Celestial ceiling is a compact spacesaving lamp designed with a patented, vented lampshade in order to reduce heat projection. The drift free, balanced arm ensures that the light is in the preferred position until it is moved.


    The light uses 3x 35w halogen bulbs in order to cast a powerful light on to the surface. Also available in ceiling or mobile configurations.

  • Specifications:-

    Celestial ceiling is equipped with 3x 35w halogen bulbs to cast a the maximum light output possible.

    The light uses a 230-240v remove transformer.

    The light intensity cast is 46,000 lux at 1 meter away, and the colour temperature is 3,300k.


  • Customisation

    Buy direct from the manufacturer and open yourself up to a host of different customisation options. If you don’t see the specification you need for your light online, please get in touch with us on 
    01296 395400 
    (8:30am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday)



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