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Where flexibility is of importance. Perfect for harsh industrial environments.

  • Product Information

    Industrial Lighting
    Sunnex HS is a powerful 20W halogen light with a sturdy design, making it a highly reliable work light particularly suitable for industrial use. Sunnex HS is equipped with a flexible, high-quality arm with a length of 500 mm or 700 mm. The lamp head is made of hard-wearing plastic and provides concentrated, effective spot lighting.

  • Specifications:-

    Sunnex HS is available with a built-in 230V transformer or in a 12V or 24V low voltage version for direct connection to a machine. Also available in a spotlight version with a single- or double-jointed lamp head. Equipped with an arm of a suitable length, Sunnex HS is ideal for most applications.


  • Customisation

    Buy direct from the manufacturer and open yourself up to a host of different customisation options. If you don’t see the specification you need for your light online, please get in touch with us on 
    01296 395400 
    (8:30am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday)



    £26.67 Click here


    Magnetic Base

    £22.33 Click here


    Wall Fitting
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    Table Base
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